Last day to oppose disposal of Victoria Hall to Mastcraft Ltd

Ealing Council is proposing that the Victoria Hall be leased to Mastcraft Limited ealingpostcardfor a period of 240 years, a measure designed to fill the councils coffers, with no regard to how it will affect the community that use it.

According to a petition at, ‘The Victoria Hall was built in 1893 for ‘charitable purposes’ from public donations and since then has belonged to a charitable trust – however the trustees are elected councillors. The Victoria Hall is a resource that belongs to whole community, not a Council asset to be exploited for short term gain.’

The section of the building called the Memorial Hall building was paid for with public donations under the explicit premise that it would be used for public functions and to serve the Borough’s residents. It’s not stretch of the imagination to state that its intended purpose wasn’t then to benefit private enterprise – a notion that’s figuratively speaking at bookends with the building’s raison d’être.

Please email representation opposing this proposed disposal to by midnight of Friday 2 March 2018

‘Save Ealing’s Centre’ alliance website
Must see, Declaration of Trust dated 1893
Sign ‘Stop Ealing Council Leasing Ealing Town Hall’ petition
Article in ‘Ealing Voice’
Article by Ealing Civic Society


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